Commit 59c8165f authored by Faustino Osuna's avatar Faustino Osuna

control/testapi.c: Detach event that was originally attached.

parent 5411dceb
......@@ -242,7 +242,7 @@ static void test_events (const char ** argv, int argc)
libvlc_event_send (em, &event);
assert( !callback_was_called );
libvlc_event_detach (em, mi_events[i], test_events_callback_and_detach, &callback_was_called, &ex);
libvlc_event_detach (em, mi_events[mi_events_len-1], test_events_callback_and_detach, &callback_was_called, &ex);
catch ();
log ("+ Testing regular detach()\n");
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