Commit 58781daf authored by ivoire's avatar ivoire
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luahttp: Update the position on the slider. Fix #1671

parent 7baf1ff4
......@@ -108,8 +108,8 @@ local vout = input and vlc.object.find(input,'vout','child')
<volume><?vlc print(vlc.volume.get()) ?></volume>
<length><?vlc if input then print(vlc.var.get(input,"length")) else print(0) end?></length>
<time><?vlc if input then print(vlc.var.get(input,"time")) else print(0) end?></time>
<length><?vlc if input then print(math.floor(vlc.var.get(input,"length"))) else print(0) end?></length>
<time><?vlc if input then print(math.floor(vlc.var.get(input,"time"))) else print(0) end?></time>
<state><?vlc print(status) ?></state>
<position><?vlc if input then print(vlc.var.get(input,"position")) else print(0) end?></position>
<fullscreen><?vlc if vout then vlc.var.get(vout,"fullscreen") else print(0) end?></fullscreen>
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