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doc: Suggest to use git shortlog -s to show the author of changeset of this particular release.

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First make sure you git-commit-ed the ChangeLog all the version release related changes, then:
git tag -a -m "VLC Release VERSION" <VERSION>
(Create an annotated tag, you can skip -a if you used -m)
git push origin <RELEASE_VERSION>
git push origin <VERSION>
(You are advised to play with it on the sandrox.git if you feel unconfortable)
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* Announce email
- write something along the lines of previous releases
- post in videolan-announce (moderated), vlc et vlc-devel
You are advised to add the author list for this version 'git shortlog -s PREVIOUS_VERSION..VERSION'
And to add git diff --stat PREVIOUS_VERSION..VERSION if it's relevant.
You can play a bit with git to show the piece of information that may be interesting.
- add a sticky thread in the "General VLC media player discussion" forum
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