Commit 5598f816 authored by David's avatar David

macosx: update play and playback mode status on startup

Because the playback might have been started before the interface
registeres its callbacks, set the state manually.

close #14046
parent b5c0fe45
......@@ -798,6 +798,13 @@ static VLCMain *_o_sharedMainInstance = nil;
[o_mainwindow updateTimeSlider];
[o_mainwindow updateVolumeSlider];
/* Hack: Playlist is started before the interface.
* Thus, call additional updaters as we might miss these events if posted before
* the callbacks are registered.
[self PlaylistItemChanged];
[self playbackModeUpdated];
// respect playlist-autostart
// note that PLAYLIST_PLAY will not stop any playback if already started
playlist_t * p_playlist = pl_Get(VLCIntf);
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