Commit 4e28d43b authored by François Cartegnie's avatar François Cartegnie 🤞

input: show module name on clock conversion errors

parent 91c23c47
......@@ -732,11 +732,12 @@ static void DecoderFixTs( decoder_t *p_dec, mtime_t *pi_ts0, mtime_t *pi_ts1,
if( i_ts_bound != INT64_MAX )
i_ts_bound += i_es_delay;
if( input_clock_ConvertTS( VLC_OBJECT(p_dec), p_clock, &i_rate, pi_ts0, pi_ts1, i_ts_bound ) ) {
const char *psz_name = module_get_name( p_dec->p_module, false );
if( pi_ts1 != NULL )
msg_Err(p_dec, "Could not convert timestamps %"PRId64
", %"PRId64"", *pi_ts0, *pi_ts1);
", %"PRId64" for %s", *pi_ts0, *pi_ts1, psz_name );
msg_Err(p_dec, "Could not convert timestamp %"PRId64, *pi_ts0);
msg_Err(p_dec, "Could not convert timestamp %"PRId64" for %s", *pi_ts0, psz_name );
*pi_ts0 = VLC_TS_INVALID;
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