Commit 4dac1cf9 authored by Filippo Carone's avatar Filippo Carone

jvlc: libvlc_add_intf and libvlc_wait added

parent 77cb7dbb
......@@ -304,6 +304,10 @@ public interface LibVlc extends Library
LibVlcInstance libvlc_new(int argc, String[] argv, libvlc_exception_t exception);
void libvlc_release(LibVlcInstance libvlc_instance_t);
void libvlc_add_intf(LibVlcInstance libvlc_instance_t, String name, libvlc_exception_t exception);
void libvlc_wait(LibVlcInstance libvlc_instance_t);
String libvlc_get_version();
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