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......@@ -837,3 +837,16 @@ VLC development is NOT about being a sed god.
< d_anny> j-b: suicide , a command in cygwin ?
-- #videolan
<jkernsjr> guys..thats what I get when I try to run vlc as root
<thresh> vlc -I dummy
<jkernsjr> thanks for calling me dummy
<jkernsjr> makes me feel warm and fuzzy
<thresh> n/p
<Meuuh> sorry, this is already in the fortunes
<jkernsjr> still won't start
<jkernsjr> and now I see dummy is one of the options
<thresh> :)
<jkernsjr> I really thought you were calling me dummy..sorry
<Meuuh> ha, NOW you can go into the fortunes
-- #videolan
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