Commit 4cdb486b authored by dionoea's avatar dionoea
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Remove trailing spaces.

parent 7210d89f
...@@ -297,8 +297,8 @@ vlc_module_end(); ...@@ -297,8 +297,8 @@ vlc_module_end();
static const char *ppsz_sout_options[] = { static const char *ppsz_sout_options[] = {
"venc", "vcodec", "vb", "croptop", "cropbottom", "cropleft", "cropright", "venc", "vcodec", "vb", "croptop", "cropbottom", "cropleft", "cropright",
"paddtop", "paddbottom", "paddleft", "paddright", "paddtop", "paddbottom", "paddleft", "paddright",
"canvas-width", "canvas-height", "canvas-aspect", "canvas-width", "canvas-height", "canvas-aspect",
"scale", "fps", "width", "height", "vfilter", "deinterlace", "scale", "fps", "width", "height", "vfilter", "deinterlace",
"deinterlace-module", "threads", "hurry-up", "aenc", "acodec", "ab", "deinterlace-module", "threads", "hurry-up", "aenc", "acodec", "ab",
"afilter", "samplerate", "channels", "senc", "scodec", "soverlay", "afilter", "samplerate", "channels", "senc", "scodec", "soverlay",
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