Commit 4c747e4b authored by damienf's avatar damienf
Browse files target 'package-win32-base-exe' is now a bit smarter when looking... target 'package-win32-base-exe' is now a bit smarter when looking for makensis, which also cover cygwin. Hence, target 'package-win32-base-exe-cygwin' is now redundant
parent bb2476fb
......@@ -905,13 +905,19 @@ endif
# Create package
wine C:/Program\ Files/NSIS/makensis.exe \
/DVERSION=${VERSION} $(top_builddir)/vlc-${VERSION}/vlc.win32.nsi
if [ -x makensis ]; then \
MAKENSIS=makensis; \
elif [ -x "/cygdrive/c/Program Files/NSIS/makensis" ]; then \
MAKENSIS="/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/NSIS/makensis"; \
elif [ -x wine ]; then \
MAKENSIS="wine C:/Program\ Files/NSIS/makensis.exe"; \
else \
echo 'Error: cannot locate makensis tool'; exit 1; \
fi; \
eval "$$MAKENSIS /DVERSION=${VERSION} $(top_builddir)/vlc-${VERSION}/vlc.win32.nsi"
package-win32-base-exe-cygwin: package-win32-base-exe
# Create package
C:/Program\ Files/NSIS/makensis.exe \
/DVERSION=${VERSION} $(top_builddir)/vlc-${VERSION}/vlc.win32.nsi
# Create package
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