Commit 4be8a1bb authored by Konstantin Pavlov's avatar Konstantin Pavlov

Another fortune gladly supplied by dionoea and xtophe

parent 5ca64def
......@@ -770,3 +770,9 @@ Meuuh changed the topic of #videolan to: Welcome! | <funman> i don't remember la
-!- thresh [n=popa3d@unaffiliated/thresh] has quit ["j-b"]
-- #videolan
< dionoea> w00t! police in the UK are using VLC for forsenic analisys
< dionoea> I'll forward the email later
< dionoea> Police Crime Bureau - Computer Crime Team UK
< xtophe> ah i should remember to wear my vlc tshirt next time i commit a crime
-- #videolan
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