Commit 4ae81abe authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

v4l2: remove stray dead code

parent 44f8a098
......@@ -367,15 +367,6 @@ static int InitVideo (demux_t *demux, int fd)
if (SetupFormat (demux, fd, selected->v4l2, &fmt, &parm))
return -1;
#if 0
uint32_t width = var_InheritInteger (demux, CFG_PREFIX"width");
if (width != (uint32_t)-1)
fmt.fmt.pix.width = width; /* override width */
uint32_t height = var_InheritInteger (demux, CFG_PREFIX"height");
if (height != (uint32_t)-1)
fmt.fmt.pix.height = height; /* override height */
/* Print extra info */
msg_Dbg (demux, "%d bytes maximum for complete image",
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