Commit 46cd3b97 authored by Rafaël Carré's avatar Rafaël Carré
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vlc_Log: allow NULL vlc_object_t parameter

parent 54bd1b5f
...@@ -160,19 +160,21 @@ void vlc_vaLog (vlc_object_t *obj, int type, const char *module, ...@@ -160,19 +160,21 @@ void vlc_vaLog (vlc_object_t *obj, int type, const char *module,
} }
/* Pass message to the callback */ /* Pass message to the callback */
libvlc_priv_t *priv = libvlc_priv (obj->p_libvlc); libvlc_priv_t *priv = obj ? libvlc_priv (obj->p_libvlc) : NULL;
#ifdef WIN32 #ifdef WIN32
va_list ap; va_list ap;
va_copy (ap, args); va_copy (ap, args);
Win32DebugOutputMsg (&priv->log.verbose, type, &msg, format, ap); Win32DebugOutputMsg (priv ? &priv->log.verbose : NULL, type, &msg, format, ap);
va_end (ap); va_end (ap);
#endif #endif
if (priv) {
vlc_rwlock_rdlock (&priv->log.lock); vlc_rwlock_rdlock (&priv->log.lock);
priv->log.cb (priv->log.opaque, type, &msg, format, args); priv->log.cb (priv->log.opaque, type, &msg, format, args);
vlc_rwlock_unlock (&priv->log.lock); vlc_rwlock_unlock (&priv->log.lock);
uselocale (locale); uselocale (locale);
freelocale (c); freelocale (c);
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