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. rajout� build-stamp et debian/tmp dans les .cvsignore

 . de nouvelles id�es dans la TODO list :

Difficulty: Guru    Urgency: Wishlist   Support for RTP
Difficulty: Medium  Urgency: Wishlist   Draw a font / support color fonts
Difficulty: Medium  Urgency: Important  Layer 2 mono support
Difficulty: Hard    Urgency: Wishlist   MP3 support
Difficulty: Hard    Urgency: Normal     Support for unencapsulated streams
Difficulty: Guru    Urgency: Wishlist   Ogg/Vorbis audio decoder support
Difficulty: Hard    Urgency: Normal     Xv video output support
Difficulty: Medium  Urgency: Normal     SDL video output support
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......@@ -10,3 +10,4 @@ config.log
......@@ -7,6 +7,75 @@
# Urgency values: Wishlist, Normal, Important, Critical
Task: 0x28
Difficulty: Guru
Urgency: Wishlist
Description: Support for RTP
RTP is a transport protocol for realtime applications. MPEG1 and MPEG2
versions of RTP are described in RFCs 2038 and 2250. RFCs 1889 (RTP)
and 2508 (compressed RTP) can be interesting as well.
Status: Todo
Task: 0x27
Difficulty: Medium
Urgency: Wishlist
Description: Draw a font / support color fonts
The vlc currently uses an ugly font to display its data on the output
window, and we have a slow hack to make it outlined. Writing our own
font, or adding support for color fonts, would make us gain some time.
Status: Todo
Task: 0x26
Difficulty: Medium
Urgency: Important
Description: Layer 2 mono support
The vlc doesn't play layer 2 mono yet. We need it since a few of our
streams are in this audio format.
Status: Todo
Task: 0x25
Difficulty: Hard
Urgency: Wishlist
Description: MP3 support
The vlc cannot play MPEG1/2 layer 3 yet. It might be nice to fix that.
Status: Todo
Task: 0x24
Difficulty: Hard
Urgency: Normal
Description: Support for unencapsulated streams
Some streams are not encapsulated in PES/PS or TS packets, which the
vlc currently requires to properly decode a stream. Adding support for
this would require to rewrite the input code, and probably make it a
Status: Todo
Task: 0x24
Difficulty: Guru
Urgency: Wishlist
Description: Ogg/Vorbis audio decoder support
The Ogg/Vorbis audio format is a free alternative to the patent-encumbered
MP3 format. The system packets are quite different than the MPEG ones, so
adding support for it would require a lot of code rewrite.
Status: Todo
Task: 0x23
Difficulty: Hard
Urgency: Normal
Description: Xv video output support
XFree 4.0 provides the Xv interface which can do hardware YUV on supported
Status: Todo
Task: 0x22
Difficulty: Medium
Urgency: Normal
Description: SDL video output support
The Simple DirectMedia Layer library is a generic API that provides
YUV acceleration on some platforms. More information can be found
Status: Todo
Task: 0x21
Difficulty: Medium
Urgency: Normal
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