Commit 428e94bf authored by Rocky Bernstein's avatar Rocky Bernstein
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Some compilation fixes when HAVE_LIBCDDB is not defined.

(There remain still some core dumps to fix.)
parent 2448f5e4
......@@ -395,8 +395,12 @@ cdda_data_t *p_cdda, char *psz_cdtext)
/* We either don't have CD-Text info, or we do but we prefer to get CDDB
which means CDDB has been enabled and we were able to retrieve the info.*/
return !psz_cdtext ||
(!p_cdda->b_cdtext_prefer && p_cdda->b_cddb_enabled && p_cdda->cddb.disc);
return false;
......@@ -545,13 +549,13 @@ CDDAFormatStr( const access_t *p_access, cdda_data_t *p_cdda,
case 'a':
if (p_cdda->p_cdtext[0]
&& p_cdda->p_cdtext->field[CDTEXT_PERFORMER]
psz = p_cdda->p_cdtext->field[CDTEXT_PERFORMER]);
&& p_cdda->p_cdtext[0]->field[CDTEXT_PERFORMER])
psz = p_cdda->p_cdtext[0]->field[CDTEXT_PERFORMER];
goto format_str;
case 'A':
if (p_cdda->p_cdtext[0]
&& p_cdda->p_cdtext->field[CDTEXT_TITLE]
psz = p_cdda->p_cdtext->field[CDTEXT_TITLE]);
&& p_cdda->p_cdtext[0]->field[CDTEXT_TITLE])
psz = p_cdda->p_cdtext[0]->field[CDTEXT_TITLE];
goto format_str;
case 'G':
if (p_cdda->p_cdtext[0]
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