Commit 42568e38 authored by Petri Hintukainen's avatar Petri Hintukainen

avahi: remove useless avahi_threaded_poll_stop() from error path

Error path is never triggered after avahi_threaded_poll_start().
Even if it was, thread should probably be stopped before freeing avahi client ...
parent 3cbc2336
......@@ -314,10 +314,7 @@ error:
if( p_sys->client != NULL )
avahi_client_free( p_sys->client );
if( p_sys->poll != NULL )
avahi_threaded_poll_stop( p_sys->poll );
avahi_threaded_poll_free( p_sys->poll );
vlc_dictionary_clear( &p_sys->services_name_to_input_item, NULL, NULL );
free( p_sys );
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