Commit 3b20789e authored by Laurent Aimar's avatar Laurent Aimar
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* remove old wav and aac directories.

parent 5cb3ffde
dnl Autoconf settings for vlc dnl Autoconf settings for vlc
dnl $Id:,v 1.49 2003/07/31 15:31:58 jpsaman Exp $ dnl $Id:,v 1.50 2003/08/01 00:26:22 fenrir Exp $
AC_INIT(vlc,0.6.1) AC_INIT(vlc,0.6.1)
...@@ -3305,13 +3305,11 @@ AC_OUTPUT([ ...@@ -3305,13 +3305,11 @@ AC_OUTPUT([
modules/control/lirc/Makefile modules/control/lirc/Makefile
modules/control/rc/Makefile modules/control/rc/Makefile
modules/demux/Makefile modules/demux/Makefile
modules/demux/asf/Makefile modules/demux/asf/Makefile
modules/demux/avi/Makefile modules/demux/avi/Makefile
modules/demux/mp4/Makefile modules/demux/mp4/Makefile
modules/demux/mpeg/Makefile modules/demux/mpeg/Makefile
modules/demux/util/Makefile modules/demux/util/Makefile
modules/encoder/Makefile modules/encoder/Makefile
modules/encoder/ffmpeg/Makefile modules/encoder/ffmpeg/Makefile
modules/gui/Makefile modules/gui/Makefile
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