Commit 32f9d615 authored by Christophe Mutricy's avatar Christophe Mutricy
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Don't put .zlib as requirement as it can came from the system

parent 0a5027d1
......@@ -137,12 +137,12 @@ else
all: .iconv .intl .freetype .fribidi .zlib\
.a52 .mpeg2 .id3tag .mad .ogg .vorbis .vorbisenc .theora \
.FLAC .speex .faad .faac .lame .ebml .dts .matroska .ffmpeg .dvdcss \
.FLAC .speex .faad .faac .lame .ebml .matroska .ffmpeg .dvdcss \
.live .goom2k4 .caca .mod .x264 .xml .twolame\
.png .gpg-error .gcrypt .gnutls \
.gnutls .dvdread .dvdnav .dvbpsi .wxwidgets .dirac \
.dx_headers .dshow_headers .aclocal .gecko-win32
# .SDL_image .daap .cddb .cdio .vcdimager
# .SDL_image .daap .cddb .cdio .vcdimager .dts
# Standard Linux or other UNIX-like systems
all: .iconv .intl .freetype .fribidi .zlib\
......@@ -809,7 +809,7 @@ ffmpeg-$(FFMPEG_VERSION).tar.gz:
# patch -p 0 < Patches/ffmpeg.patch
.ffmpeg: ffmpeg .faac .lame .zlib
.ffmpeg: ffmpeg .faac .lame
(cd $<; ./configure $(FFMPEGCONF) --prefix=$(PREFIX) --extra-cflags="$(CFLAGS) -DRUNTIME_CPUDETECT" --extra-ldflags="$(LDFLAGS)" --enable-gpl --enable-mp3lame --enable-faac --enable-pp --disable-vhook --disable-audio-beos --disable-ffserver --enable-a52 --disable-ffplay && for dir in libavcodec/libpostproc libavcodec libavformat libavutil; do make -C $$dir && make -C $$dir installlib; done)
touch $@
......@@ -1285,7 +1285,7 @@ libpng: libpng-$(PNG_VERSION).tar.bz2
ifdef HAVE_WIN32
(cd $@; cat ../Patches/libpng-1.2.5-win32.patch | sed s,PREFIX,$(PREFIX), | patch -p0)
.png: libpng .zlib
.png: libpng
(cd $<; cp scripts/makefile.macosx Makefile && make && make install)
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