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Update NEWS from 2.0.4

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......@@ -130,6 +130,75 @@ Removed modules:
* Telepathy framework "now playing" (broken and unmaintained since VLC 1.0.0)
Changes between 2.0.3 and 2.0.4:
Audio Output:
* Improve playback synchronization with PulseAudio.
* Fix ALSA digital pass-through ("S/PDIF").
* Fix live audio device selection on Mac OS X
* Fix detection of some 5.1 and 7.1 kits on Windows.
* Fix audio output behavior when the output device is plugged or unplugged
during playback on Mac OS X
* Fix numerous DVD (dvdnav) crashes
* Fix HTTP playback through proxy and advertise gzip correctly
* Fix TLS busy-loop during client-side handshake
* Support for Opus decoding via libopus, including multi-channel files
* Support MSS1 and MSS2 decoding through DMO libraries
* Fix Hebrew and Greek subtitles encoding
* Fix crashes on malformed subtitles and malformed png files
* Fix crashes when using hardware decoding
* Fix issues in Ogg with zero length packets
* Fix file duration of Ogg/Theora and Ogg/Vorbis files
* Fix vimeo, koreus and youtube lua parsers
* Support Youtube live streams
* Fix Wallpaper mode on Windows 7/8
* Fix media info dialog update
* Fix random/repeat preferences saving
* Fix crashes when opening audio effects dialog, with skins and playlist
* Fix crash on association dialog on Windows XP
* Fix album art display at start
Mac OS X:
* Fix command-line options to control the interface behavior
* Deactivate CoreAnimation effects on Leopard
* Fix menus display and behavior
* Fix various crashes and small issues including bookmarks, playlist, buttons,
streaming wizard, video size, hotkeys and fullscreen controller
* Fix font selection for Unicode subtitles
* Improve system sleep behavior when playing audio-only media. The screen is
allowed to sleep while the system is kept awake during playback.
* Fix code signing of Delete Preferences application
* Add option to Audio Effects panel to activate the Karaoke filter
* Fix Notify (D-Bus) plugin deadlock.
* Fix buffer corruption in freetype and subtitles modules
* Improve Blu-Ray and HLS support
* Fix issues on selection of playlist items for WebUI
* Codec and other 3rd party library updates
* Fix swscale and canvas behavior with Aspect Ratio
* Fix mime-type when streaming Webm over HTTP
* Fix recording behaviour in Windows network environments
* Codecs and 3rd party libary updates
* Updates of Norwegian Bokmål, Korean, Slovak, Serbian, Russian, Traditional
Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Walloon, Turkish, Thai, Polish,
Dutch, Khmer, Hindi, Japanese, Galician, Hebrew, German, Breton, Scottish
Gaelic, Czech, Estonian translations
Changes between 2.0.2 and 2.0.3:
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