Commit 2fe8bace authored by Olivier Teulière's avatar Olivier Teulière

* share/skins2/winamp2.xml: removed a useless control (not even working :))

parent b6467fb9
......@@ -186,7 +186,6 @@
<Anchor x="0" y="30" points="(0,0),(0,86)" priority="90" range="15" />
<Anchor x="275" y="30" points="(0,0),(0,86)" priority="90" range="15" />
<Image x="0" y="0" image="main" action="move" />
<Image x="0" y="0" image="main_top_bar" action="move" action2="main_window.setLayout(small_layout)" />
<Image x="10" y="22" image="five_dots" />
<Checkbox x="10" y="32" up1="dot2_up" down1="dot2_down" up2="dot2_down" down2="dot2_up" state="vlc.isOnTop" action1="vlc.onTop()" action2="vlc.onTop()" tooltiptext1="Toggle Always-On-Top" tooltiptext2="Toggle Always-On-Top" />
<Image x="26" y="29" image="play_icon" visible="vlc.isPlaying" />
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