Commit 2f8eed35 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Qt: do not allow activation of DxVA2 in SPrefs on XP

XP is too old. Deal with it. Will ease support
Close #3727
parent 59045c47
......@@ -446,12 +446,17 @@ SPrefsPanel::SPrefsPanel( intf_thread_t *_p_intf, QWidget *_parent,
CONFIG_BOOL( "ffmpeg-hw", hwAccelBox );
#ifdef WIN32
CONFIG_BOOL( "prefer-system-codecs", systemCodecBox );
HINSTANCE hdxva2_dll = LoadLibrary(TEXT("DXVA2.DLL") );
if( !hdxva2_dll )
ui.hwAccelBox->setEnabled( false );
FreeLibrary( hdxva2_dll );
CONFIG_BOOL( "ffmpeg-hw", hwAccelBox );
optionWidgets.append( ui.DVDDevice );
optionWidgets.append( ui.cachingCombo );
CONFIG_GENERIC( "ffmpeg-skiploopfilter", IntegerList, ui.filterLabel, loopFilterBox );
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