Commit 2f8dc669 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

Have alias scripts depend on the Makefile

Aliases need to be rebuilt when the prefix is changed.
This should fix #2373.
parent a75e71c8
......@@ -368,25 +368,25 @@ dist_noinst_SCRIPTS += make-alias
MKALIAS = bindir="$(bindir)" transform="$(transform)" program_prefix="$(program_prefix)" program_suffix="$(program_suffix)" $(top_srcdir)/make-alias $@
cvlc: make-alias
cvlc: make-alias Makefile
$(MKALIAS) dummy
rvlc: make-alias
rvlc: make-alias Makefile
svlc: make-alias
svlc: make-alias Makefile
$(MKALIAS) skins2
wxvlc: make-alias
wxvlc: make-alias Makefile
qvlc: make-alias
qvlc: make-alias Makefile
$(MKALIAS) qt4
nvlc: make-alias
nvlc: make-alias Makefile
$(MKALIAS) ncurses
mvlc: make-alias
mvlc: make-alias Makefile
$(MKALIAS) maemo
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