Commit 2e640ac4 authored by Konstantin Pavlov's avatar Konstantin Pavlov

extras/package/macosx: Explain what i did to make universal binary, that

sacred knowledge shouldnt be forgotten by future generations of VLC
parent 9cff8cf1
# INTELROOT == path to with intel build.
# PPCROOT == path to with powerpc build.
# UBROOT == path to copied INTEL
# which will contain Universal Binary.
for i in `ls $INTELROOT/Contents/MacOS/lib/`
......@@ -19,3 +23,6 @@ cp $INTELROOT/Contents/MacOS/modules/*mmx* $UBROOT/Contents/MacOS/modules/
cp $INTELROOT/Contents/MacOS/modules/*sse* $UBROOT/Contents/MacOS/modules/
cp $INTELROOT/Contents/MacOS/modules/*3dn* $UBROOT/Contents/MacOS/modules/
cp $PPCROOT/Contents/MacOS/modules/*altivec* $UBROOT/Contents/MacOS/modules/
# now you should copy resulting UBROOT dir into vlc build directory
# and run 'make package-macosx'
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