Commit 2c7efa6a authored by Rafaël Carré's avatar Rafaël Carré
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Correctly handle (avoid deadlocks) always on top when switching fullscreen.

Fixes #882
parent f88235c4
......@@ -1445,41 +1445,17 @@ static int ManageVideo( vout_thread_t *p_vout )
if ( p_vout->i_changes & VOUT_FULLSCREEN_CHANGE )
vlc_value_t val;
vlc_value_t val_fs, val_ontop;
/* Update the object variable and trigger callback */
val.b_bool = !p_vout->b_fullscreen;
val_fs.b_bool = !p_vout->b_fullscreen;
* On the one hand, we cannot hold the lock while triggering a
* callback, as it causes a deadlock with video-on-top handling.
* On the other hand, we have to lock while triggering the
* callback to:
* 1/ make sure video-on-top remains in sync with fullscreen
* (i.e. unlocking creates a race condition if fullscreen is
* switched on and off VERY FAST).
* 2/ avoid possible corruption bugs if another thread gets the
* mutex and modifies our data in-between.
* This is obviously contradictory. Correct solutions may include:
* - putting the fullscreen NAND video-on-top logic out of libvlc,
* back into the video output plugins (ugly code duplication...),
* - serializing fullscreen and video-on-top handling properly
* instead of doing it via the fullscreen callback. That's got to
* be the correct one.
#ifdef MODULE_NAME_IS_xvmc
xvmc_context_reader_unlock( &p_vout->p_sys->xvmc_lock );
vlc_mutex_unlock( &p_vout->p_sys->lock );
var_Set( p_vout, "fullscreen", val );
var_Set( p_vout, "fullscreen", val_fs );
vlc_mutex_lock( &p_vout->p_sys->lock );
#ifdef MODULE_NAME_IS_xvmc
xvmc_context_reader_lock( &p_vout->p_sys->xvmc_lock );
/* Disable "always on top" in fullscreen mode */
var_Get( p_vout, "video-on-top", &val_ontop );
if( val_ontop.b_bool )
WindowOnTop( p_vout, val_fs.b_bool );
ToggleFullScreen( p_vout );
p_vout->i_changes &= ~VOUT_FULLSCREEN_CHANGE;
......@@ -1158,12 +1158,6 @@ static int FullscreenCallback( vlc_object_t *p_this, char const *psz_cmd,
var_Set( p_playlist, "fullscreen", newval );
pl_Release( p_playlist );
/* Disable "always on top" in fullscreen mode */
var_Get( p_vout, "video-on-top", &val );
if( val.b_bool )
vout_Control( p_vout, VOUT_SET_STAY_ON_TOP,
(vlc_bool_t)!newval.b_bool );
val.b_bool = VLC_TRUE;
var_Set( p_vout, "intf-change", val );
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