Commit 2c2871fb authored by Cyril Deguet's avatar Cyril Deguet

* started to repair build of python module

parent d3db3640
python1.5 build
python build
python1.5 install
python install
rm -Rf build
......@@ -5,14 +5,14 @@ FFMPEG_DIR = '/home/cyril/ffmpeg'
vlc = Extension('vlc',
sources = ['vlcmodule.c'],
libraries = ['vlc', 'rt', 'dl' , 'pthread', 'ffmpeg', 'm',
library_dirs = ['/usr/local/lib/vlc', '../lib',
FFMPEG_DIR + '/libavcodec'])
library_dirs = [ '../lib',
'../modules/stream_out', '../modules/encoder/ffmpeg',
'../modules/codec/ffmpeg', FFMPEG_DIR + '/libavcodec'])
setup (name = 'PackageName',
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