Commit 29f94bbc authored by hartman's avatar hartman
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* update the ffmpeg VC-1 fourcc info. Hopefully it can be enabled soon now.

parent 3fa2448e
......@@ -724,8 +724,14 @@ static struct
#if 0
{ VLC_FOURCC('W','M','V','3'), CODEC_ID_WMV3,
VIDEO_ES, "Windows Media Video 3" },
{ VLC_FOURCC('V','C','9',' '), CODEC_ID_VC9,
VIDEO_ES, "Windows Media Video VC9" },
{ VLC_FOURCC('W','V','C','1'), CODEC_ID_VC1,
VIDEO_ES, "Windows Media Video VC1" },
#if 0
/* WMVA is the VC-1 codec before the standardization proces,
it is not bitstream compatible and deprecated */
{ VLC_FOURCC('W','M','V','A'), CODEC_ID_VC1,
VIDEO_ES, "Windows Media Video Advanced Profile" },
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