Commit 287f188a authored by Sam Hocevar's avatar Sam Hocevar

* ./ChangeLog: updated changelog.

parent b4985b91
......@@ -4,6 +4,326 @@
* ./ removed configuration stuff which does not need to
rebuild anything to Makefile.config, so that editing it will not cause
a complete rebuild.
* ./plugins/beos/VideoWindow.h, ./plugins/beos/vout_beos.cpp: improved
Overlay and Bitmap output modes.
* ./plugins/macosx/aout_macosx.m, ./plugins/macosx/aout_macosx.m: removed
unused headers.
* ./plugins/macosx/intf_controller.[mh]: you can now drag & drop files onto
the vlc dock icon. CFBundleDocumentTypes in Info.plist doesn't seem to have
any effect, so you'll have to hold down command-option when dropping until
this is resolved.
* ./src/video_output/video_output.c: removed previous patch to the video
output since it causes problems for some people.
* ./plugins/macosx/*: worked around a bug in seeking.
* ./include/threads_func.h: OS X port now uses real-time threads.
* ./ fixes for ffmpeg and mad.
* ./extras/MacOSX/Resources/English.lproj/MainMenu.nib/objects.nib: OS X intf
is now more consistent with Apple guidelines.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_preferences.c: fixed a segfault I introduced lately in
* ./plugins/macosx/intf_vlc_wrapper.m: don't try to eject unless there is
a disc to eject.
* ./plugins/macosx/intf_vlc_wrapper.m: fixed a segfault in the Mac OS X
* ./plugins/satellite/input_satellite.c: cosmetic changes in error messages.
* ./plugins/gtk/*: gtk and gnome interfaces now use frequency and symbol
rate default values.
* ./BUGS: removed fixed entries.
* ./plugins/spudec/spu_decoder.c: initialize p_spudec->p_vout to NULL to
prevent segfaults if InitThread does not complete.
* ./plugins/text/rc.c: on win32 the rc plugin opens a new console.
* ./plugins/filters/*: filters were using memalign but freeing p_data instead
of p_data_orig.
* ./extras/Win32_msvc/vlc.dsp: updated MSVC++ project.
* ./src/interface/main.c: small corrections to the LONGTEXT descriptions in
* ./AUTHORS: a few additions.
* ./vlc.spec: updates, courtesy of Yves Duret <>.
* ./ new --with-ffmpeg option for standard installations.
* ./src/interface/main.c: updated long descriptions.
* ./plugins/dummy/intf_dummy.c: on win32 the dummy interface plugin will
open a dos command box. With this fix, vlc should never fail silently and
leave a ghost process running in the background when there isn't any
working GUI plugin.
* ./include/config.h: on win32 DVD/VCD_DEVICE defaults to to D:.
* ./src/interface/main.c: added a few *_LONGTEXT descriptions.
* ./plugins/mpeg_vdec/video_parser.c: moved the mpeg-motion and mpeg-idct
options to the mpeg_vdec plugin.
* ./plugins/spudec/spu_decoder.c: mark subpictures destroyed when we end
spudec thread.
* ./src/audio_output/aout_pcm.c: desperate attempt to improve audio output.
* ./doc/vlc-howto.sgml, ./doc/vlc.1, ./README.MacOSX.rtf: updated
* ./INSTALL.win32: updated INSTALL.win32.
* ./plguins/directx/vout_directx.c, ./plugins/directx/vout_events.c: a little
bit of clean-up in the directx video output plugin
* ./plugins/macosx/*: fixed Mac OS X resizing.
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: warning levels are no longer additive, patch
courtesy of Arnaud de Bossoreille de Ribou <>.
* ALL: changed __inline__ with inline (autoconf does the job for us anyway,
and mipspro doesn't know about __inline__).
* ./src/audio_output/aout_pcm.c, ./src/audio_output/aout_ext-dec.c: fixed
deadlock in NextFrame() in aout_pcm.c.
* ./plugins/directx/vout_directx.c, ./plugins/directx/vout_events.c: fixed
a bug in the directx window creation function. We register a window
class once per process so we must be careful not to free the associated
* ./extras/Win32_msvc/vlc.dsp: updated the MSVC++ project files and added
support for dirent (vlc compiled with msvc can now load plugins - even
compiled with mingw).
* ALL: small portability fixes.
* ./plugins/macosx/*: menu item to maximize the volume in Mac OS X.
* ALL: dropped dependancy on autoconf 2.52.
* ./plugins/directx/vout_directx.c: modified the directx video plugin to try
to create an YUV surface before falling back to an RGB surface when it's
not possible to use overlays. Some graphic cards can do the YUV->RGB
conversion in hardware during the blitting stage.
* ./plugins/directx/vout_directx.c: in the directx video plugin, we now
request that the RGB surface be created in video memory. The reasoning
behind this is that usually surfaces in video memory benefit from more
hardware acceleration (like for instance hw rescaling, hw blitting, etc.).
* ./plugins/directx/directx.c: added two options to the directx video plugin
to disable the above features (mainly because my video driver is buggy and
doesn't handle them well).
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: small cosmetic changes to the generation of
the config file.
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: fix for config_GetHomeDir() on win32.
SHGetFolderPath() is located in shfolder.dll not shell32.dll.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_preferences.c: fix for the gtk preferences dialog box. To
be sure that an int or float value is actually changed we call
gtk_spin_button_update() in the GtkInt/FloatChanged() event handler.
* ./debian/control: made the Build-Depends: entry a one-liner (Closes
Debian bug #147103).
* ./src/audio_output/aout_spdif.c: a lock was not released.
* ./plugins/text/rc.c: added a safety lock.
* ./plugins/gtk/*: new Network dialog box for Gtk and Gnome interfaces.
* ./plugins/mpeg_system/mpeg_audio.c: you can now force the mpeg_audio demux
* ./plugins/mpeg_vdec/vpar_headers.c: update reference in case of sequence
end code.
* ./src/input/input_clock.c: don't keep the control lock during the pause.
* ./plugins/ac3_spdif/ac3_spdif.c, ./src/audio_output/aout_spdif.c: check for
b_die and b_error in all loops so that we don't remain stuck waiting for
data whereas the vlc has tried to quit.
* ./src/misc/mtime.c: we use nanosleep whenever possible (patch from Meuuh).
* ./plugins/avi/avi.c : it will not segfault with broken avi with an unknown
* ./src/misc/mtime.c: removed usage of usleep (not thread safe) (by Meuuh).
* ./src/video_output/video_output.c: video output patch to improve handling
of late pictures (by Meuuh).
* ./src/interface/intf_msg.c, src/interface/intf_playlist.c: disabled
calls to realloc(_,0) in a similar way to input_programs.c.
* ./plugins/dvd/dvd_seek.c: fix random segfaults on title change (i_cell
should be tested _before_ we access the structures).
* ./src/input/input_programs.c: fixed memory corruption by setting a few
pointers to NULL after they have been free()ed.
* ./src/input/input_programs.c: removed now useless ASSERTs.
* ./plugins/beos/*: improved overlay and bitmap support, not tested on nVidia
cards. Lower CPU usage and no thread created per frame.
* ./plugins/dvd/dvd_summary.c: added a sanity check.
* ./plugins/vcd/*: vcd access plugin now uses mpeg_ps demux instead of its
own one.
* ./plugins/macosx/vout_qdview.m: attempt to fix the video output with
QuickTime 6.
* ./plugins/ac3_adec/ac3_adec.c: probably fixed most "crash when changing
audio track" problems by zeroing the p_ac3dec structure.
* ./plugins/ac3_adec/ac3_adec.c: fixed a "INPUT_MAX_ALLOCATION reached"
* ./src/input/input_dec.c, ./src/input/input_programs.c: check size to avoid
* ./plugins/win32/network.*: new Network dialog box.
* ./src/input/input.c, ./plugins/access/http.c, ./plugins/access/udp.c: added
the input_FDNetworkClose() function to be called when closing a networking
stream instead of input_FDClose().
* ./src/misc/netutils.c: use closesocket() instead of close() at the end
of the network_ChannelJoin() for WIN32.
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: fixed an issue with long options from
modules where option arguments and playlist entries were mixed.
* ./plugins/spudec/spu_decoder.c: fixed endianness issue; subtitles colors
should be OK now.
* ./plugins/satellite/input_satellite.c: fixed a compilation warning.
* ./ added libdvbpsi version check.
* ./include/modules_inner.h: fixed a bug in module reinitialization,
which should fix crashes after a long pause.
* ./src/input/*: fixed a bug (glitch/segfault) when seeking.
* ./src/input/mpeg_system.c: we handle PCR even if they are not attached
to a PMT.
* ./ new --with-mad-tree configure option.
* ./BUGS: updated BUGS file.
* ./src/input/mpeg_system.c: it should now be possible to quit when reading
a bogus file.
* ./src/misc/iso-639.def, ./include/iso_lang.h, ./src/misc/iso_lang.c:
iso-839-[12] tools.
* ./plugins/dvd/dvd_es.c, ./plugins/dvd/dvd_summary.c,
./plugins/dvdread/input_dvdread.c: adapted DecodeLanguage calls to the new
* plugins/mpeg_system/mpeg_ts.c: ISO-639-2 descriptors handling.
* ./include/mmx.h, ./plugins/imdct/*: gcc-3.1 compilation fixes courtesy
of Yves Duret and other Mandrakesoft guys I don't know.
* ./plugins/macosx/intf_vlc_wrapper.m: do not eject when we're reading from
the disc...
* ./src/misc/modules.c: if a module has a zero-scored capability, we don't
try to use it, unless it was explicitely requested (--vout for example).
* ./plugins/sdl/vout_sdl.c: fixed an aspect ratio issue (thanks Meuuh).
* ./src/input/mpeg_system.c: fixed an old old bug in TS demux, thank you
* ./plugins/mpeg_system/mpeg_audio.c: to avoid problem with PS, test only the
first 4 bytes for mpeg header so some broken files, and all web radio will
not work. You can change this by changing value of MPEGAUDIO_MAXTESTPOS.
* ./doc/vlc-howto.sgml: spelling mistakes, small updates, harmonization with
other documentations (thank you Alexis).
* ./plugins/satellite/*: some fixes in options parsing (thank you Sam).
* ./extras/MacOSX/Resources/vlc.icns: new OS X icon, courtesy of Joeri van
Dooren <>.
* ./plugins/mpeg_vdec/video_decoder.c: Mac OS X fix.
* ./plugins/mpeg_system/mpeg_audio.c: you should again be able to play PS
streams (I hope it will be enough). Sorry.
* ./plugins/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.c: CVS version of ffmpeg can now decode
msmpeg4 v1 v2, so I added support for this. But you can always use
the old ffmpeg library without any problem (I hope ;).
* ./include/video.h : added new fourcc codes for avi.
* ./plugins/filter/clone.c: New filter, `--filter clone', duplicates
display. To duplicate 12 times, use `--filter clone:12'.
* ./plugins/x11/xcommon.c, ./plugins/x11/xvideo.c: --xvideo-chroma flag to
force the XVimage format used.
* ./plugins/text/ncurses.c: ncurses interface improvements by Thomas Graf.
* ./plugins/mpeg_system/mpeg_audio.c: we don't use any more U32_AT.
* ./plugins/macosx/*: disabled auto-hiding of mouse cursor since it doesn't
work when browsing menus; instead, click in the video window
* ./plugins/macosx/*: fixed a major bug in the spu decoder.
* ./plugins/macosx/*: Objective-C files are now .m.
* ./plugins/macosx/*: fixed menus.
* ./plugins/macosx/*: menus for Program/Title/Chapter/Languages.
* ./plugins/avi/avi.c: we use input_ClockManageRef to do synchro.
* ./include/common.h, ./include/input_ext-plugins.h: exported
input_ClockGetTS for plugins.
* ./plugins/mpeg_system/mpeg_audio.c: a demux for mpeg audio stream (file,
web radio ...)
* ./src/interface/main.c: if Ctrl-C doesn't kill vlc cleanly for any
reason, user just needs to hit Ctrl-C again 1 second later and we'll
exit disgustingly instead of freezing.
* ./plugins/macosx/intf_vlc_wrapper.c: menu code fixes.
* ./plugins/macosx/*: fixed Mac OS X VOUT_SIZE_CHANGE signal.
* ./plugins/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.c: corrected some bad lock/unlock.
* ./plugins/avi/avi.c: can now use --novideo.
* ./plugins/macosx/*: improvements of the OS X GUI.
* ./plugins/mad/*: added mad plugin downscale config option for selecting
downscaling routine. Choices are: fast, mpg321. Default the fast version
is used. The downscale option mpg321 uses an algorithm that adapts to
dither errors. This routine is borrowed from MPG321 code.
* ./plugins/mad/*.c: mono audio streams get now duplicated on the right
channel instead of silencing the right channel (untested).
* ./plugins/avi/avi.c, ./plugins/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.c: improvements.
* ./src/video_output/video_output.c: video plugins that don't handle
rescaling themselves have to let the video_output thread know about
resizing events (with VOUT_SIZE_CHANGE event). (this part needs some
clean-up but it is basically working for the X11 and SDL plugins).
* ./plugins/sdl/vout_sdl.c: fixed fullscreen for the SDL plugin.
* ./plugins/sdl/vout_sdl.c, ./plugins/mga/xmga.c: xmga and sdl now switch to
fullscreen on double-click.
* ./plugins/avi/avi.c: try to not freeze when reaching end file.
* ./plugins/x11/xcommon.c, ./src/video_output.c: fixed the resizing and
scaling of the X11 video output.
* ./plugins/x11/xcommon.c: clicking on the video doesn't pause it anymore
(use spacebar for this), but double-clicking will now switch between
fullscreen and window mode.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_preferences.c: the Apply button in the preferences menu
is grayed out unless there's a change to apply.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_preferences.c: GtkConfigApply() now clears the list of
config changes before returning.
* ./plugins/network/ipv4.c: fixed compilation under QNX.
* ./ deactivated under QNX for now.
* ./plugins/macosx/aout_macosx.c: more stable audio output with more output
* ./BUGS: no text in the status bar with gtk intf, no window title in gtk
intf on some machines, correct title on another.
* ./plugins/gtk/*.glade, ./plugins/gtk/*_interface.*: fix for interface
autoshrink when toolbar text isn't displayed.
* ./plugins/gtk/gnome.c, ./plugins/gtk/gtk.c, ./plugins/gtk/gtk_display.*:
callbacks for the hide tooltips and toolbar text options.
* ./plugins/mad/*: aout fifo adapts it size according to the length of the
first frame. The change is needed for MPEG1/2 layer III, because the size
of output pcm from mad_decoder is different.
* ./include/modules_inner.h, ./src/misc/configuration.c: support for config
options callbacks.
* ./ we check support for variadic macros (screw Borland!).
* ./plugins/gtk/gnome.c: new option lets you hide the text of the
GNOME interface toolbar.
* ./FAQ: small FAQ update. Please note that everyone can update this FAQ if
they want, it is not my property :-).
* ./AUTHORS: added quite a few missing names.
* ./plugins/qnx/vout_qnx.c: port of the QNX vout plugin to the vout4 API,
courtesy of Pascal Levesque <>.
* ./plugins/avi/avi.c: you can now use slow and fast reading. After seeking,
audio and video synchro is better.
* ./plugins/macosx/aout_macosx.c: misc sound fixes.
* ./ fixed VCD double detection.
* ./src/misc/configuration.c, ./plugins/text/logger.c: the configuration file
and the log file are opened in text mode. This mode should only have a
meaning on Win32 and isn't supposed to break any other platform. If does
give you any trouble then shout.
* ./ added a --with-a52-tree option to the configure script.
* ./plugins/spudec/spu_decoder.c: FOURCC_YUY2 subtitles support (for NVidia
overlay) courtesy of Rudolf Cornelissen <>.
* ./plugins/kde/*: configuration dialog for the KDE interface, courtesy
of Sigmund Augdal <>.
* ./plugins/chroma/i420_yuy2.h: workaround for yet another annoying gcc
behaviour with inline assembly (seems to be BeOS-specific). If anyone has
a better idea than the huge "memory" constraint, please have a look at
the MMX_CALL() macro!
* ./plugins/avi/avi.c: corrected a bug with broken avi files.
* ./src/misc/modules_plugin.h: added config_Get/PutFloatVariable to
p_sysmbols. Thanks to Sigmund Augdal for pointing this bug out.
* ./src/audio_output/aout_pcm.c: on Win32 the aout_pcm thread is given a high
priority. This avoids lots of audio underruns, especially when moving
around the video window.
* plugins/avi/avi.c : changed in order to read more avi files, Meuuh
you can now read your file ;) (but audio is awful, perhaps because of mad
plugin ?). Fix a bug for audio with some avi files.
* ./plugins/satellite/satellite.c: fixed a compilation issue in satellite
input. It now uses common or libdvbpsi ts demux. Untested cause I can't
get our Nova Card work again.
* ./src/video_output/vout_pictures.c: restored vout_CopyPicture(). It is
needed by the directx plugin damnit ;-)
* ./include/config.h: restored AOUT_BUFFER_DURATION to its old value. It
should solve quite a few underrun problems.
* ./plugins/directx/vout_directx.c: a little bit of DirectX plugin clean-up.
* ./ipkg/control: added more information in ipkg control file.
* ./include/modules_inner.h: the module name is now a default shortcut, for
it, no need to manually add it.
* ./plugins/sdl/vout_sdl.c, ./plugins/x11/xcommon.c: when in fullscreen
mode, the Esc key does not quit immediately, but first escapes from
fullscreen mode. User-requested feature.
* ./include/os_specific.h: fixed a C++ compilation issue.
* ./include/videolan/vlc.h: removed the main() declaration because SDL
defines it as a macro.
* ./plugins/avi/avi.c: with some broken avi files, will not freeze, and
try to detect end of file.
* ./include/threads_func.h: moved the function definitions from threads.h
into threads_funcs.h. This allows us to move p_main_sys into p_main
* ./ fixed the --with-gtk-config-path and --with-sdl-config-path
* ./plugins/avi/avi.c: seek is faster.
* ./ fixed a typo in libdvbpsi handling.
* ./plugins/vcd/cdrom_tools: FreeBSD 4.5 port of the vcd input.
* ./INSTALL.win32: updated win32 compilation instructions.
* ./plugins/mpeg_system/mpeg_ts.c: fixed --program option.
* ./include/common.h: fixed vlc_memalign.
* ./plugins/avi/avi.c: now it can play broken files with seek enabled but
it's very slow (will be fixed soon).
* ./src/misc/beos_specific.c: added system_Configure(). Sorry O:-)
* ./src/input/input_programs.c: a video divx ES will no longer be considered
as an audio ES (thanks sam).
* ./src/misc/darwin_specific.c: added system_Configure().
* ./plugins/macosx/vout_macosx.c: cleaned up QTScaleMatrix().
* ./plugins/macosx/*: A/V sync should be much more precise.
* ./plugins/macosx/vout_qdview.c: borders in fullscreen mode are now black
and the movie is centered.
* ./extras/MacOSX/vlc.pbproj/project.pbxproj: new creator ID: VLC#.
* ./src/misc/modules_plugin.h: exported input_ClockManageRef for fenrir.
* ./include/video.h: moved vout_CopyPicture out of the way, an inline
function did not make sense here.
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