Commit 263962a7 authored by David Fuhrmann's avatar David Fuhrmann

macosx: Add tooltip with current volume level to slider (close #8782)

parent cf4afcba
......@@ -510,7 +510,8 @@
[[o_shuffle_btn cell] accessibilitySetOverrideValue:[o_shuffle_btn toolTip] forAttribute:NSAccessibilityTitleAttribute];
[[o_shuffle_btn cell] accessibilitySetOverrideValue:_NS("Click to enable or disable random playback.") forAttribute:NSAccessibilityDescriptionAttribute];
[o_volume_sld setToolTip: _NS("Volume")];
NSString *volumeTooltip = [NSString stringWithFormat:_NS("Volume: %i %%"), 100];
[o_volume_sld setToolTip: volumeTooltip];
[[o_volume_sld cell] accessibilitySetOverrideValue:_NS("Click and move the mouse while keeping the button pressed to use this slider to change the volume.") forAttribute:NSAccessibilityDescriptionAttribute];
[[o_volume_sld cell] accessibilitySetOverrideValue:[o_volume_sld toolTip] forAttribute:NSAccessibilityTitleAttribute];
[o_volume_down_btn setToolTip: _NS("Mute")];
......@@ -1115,10 +1116,14 @@ else \
int i_volume = [[VLCCoreInteraction sharedInstance] volume];
BOOL b_muted = [[VLCCoreInteraction sharedInstance] mute];
if (!b_muted)
[o_volume_sld setIntValue: i_volume];
[o_volume_sld setIntValue: 0];
if (b_muted)
i_volume = 0;
[o_volume_sld setIntValue: i_volume];
i_volume = (i_volume * 200) / AOUT_VOLUME_MAX;
NSString *volumeTooltip = [NSString stringWithFormat:_NS("Volume: %i %%"), i_volume];
[o_volume_sld setToolTip:volumeTooltip];
[o_volume_sld setEnabled: !b_muted];
[o_volume_up_btn setEnabled: !b_muted];
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