Commit 222f800a authored by Rafaël Carré's avatar Rafaël Carré

doc/ whrandom is deprecated since python 2.1

Only import needed functions
parent edeb8f7b
......@@ -3,16 +3,12 @@
# reference about classical DCT and DFT algorithms.
import math
import cmath
pi = math.pi
sin = math.sin
cos = math.cos
sqrt = math.sqrt
from random import random
from math import pi, sin, cos, sqrt
from cmath import exp
def exp_j (alpha):
return cmath.exp (alpha * 1j)
return exp (alpha * 1j)
def conjugate (c):
c = c + 0j
......@@ -1067,15 +1063,13 @@ def dump (vector):
str = str + realstr #+ imagstr
return "[%s]" % str
import whrandom
def test(N):
input = vector(N)
output = vector(N)
verify = vector(N)
for i in range(N):
input[i] = whrandom.random() + 1j * whrandom.random()
input[i] = random() + 1j * random()
unscaled_DFT (N, input, output)
unscaled_DFT (N, input, verify)
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