Commit 2229045e authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

[x11 vout] Fix x11 fullscreen behaviour. Patch by Raster!

This fix e17, Xfce on my configuration.
Thanks very much Raster.
parent 4cfee42d
......@@ -2199,11 +2199,28 @@ static void ToggleFullScreen ( vout_thread_t *p_vout )
(XEvent*)&event );
/* "bad fullscreen" - set this to 0. doing fullscreen this way is problematic
* for many reasons and basically fights with the window manager as the wm
* reparents AND vlc goes and reparents - multiple times. don't do it. it just
* makes it more inefficient and less "nice" to the x11 citizenry. this turns
* it off */
#define BADFS 0
/* explicitly asking for focus when you fullscreened is a little silly. the
* window manager SHOULD be handling this itself based on its own focus
* policies. if the user is "using" a given xinerama/xrandr screen or x11
* multihead screen AND vlc wants to fullscreen the wm should also focus it
* as its the only thing on the screen. if vlc fullscreens and its on
* "another monitor" to the one the user is using - this may "steal" the focus
* as really the wm should be deciding if, on fullscreening of a window
* the focus should go there or not, so let the wm decided */
#define APPFOCUS 0
/* Make sure the change is effective */
#if BADFS // RASTER: why do this? you already mapped the window in CreateWindow?
XReparentWindow( p_vout->p_sys->p_display,
DefaultRootWindow( p_vout->p_sys->p_display ),
0, 0 );
-2, -2 );
if( XineramaQueryExtension( p_vout->p_sys->p_display, &i_d1, &i_d2 ) &&
......@@ -2309,6 +2326,7 @@ static void ToggleFullScreen ( vout_thread_t *p_vout )
EnablePixelDoubling( p_vout );
#if APPFOCUS // RASTER: let the wm do focus policy
/* Activate the window (give it the focus) */
XClientMessageEvent event;
......@@ -2330,6 +2348,7 @@ static void ToggleFullScreen ( vout_thread_t *p_vout )
DefaultRootWindow( p_vout->p_sys->p_display ),
False, SubstructureRedirectMask,
(XEvent*)&event );
......@@ -2355,12 +2374,17 @@ static void ToggleFullScreen ( vout_thread_t *p_vout )
* window has already been mapped because the XMapWindow() request
* has not necessarily been sent directly to our window (remember,
* the call is first redirected to the window manager) */
#if BADFS // RASTER: this is silly... if we have already mapped before
XWindowEvent( p_vout->p_sys->p_display,
StructureNotifyMask, &xevent );
} while( xevent.type != MapNotify );
XSync(p_vout->p_sys->p_display, False);
/* Be careful, this can generate a BadMatch error if the window is not
* already mapped by the server (see above) */
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