Commit 2211e84c authored by Pierre's avatar Pierre

VLCKit: Disable syslog.

parent 57c73d74
......@@ -58,8 +58,6 @@ static VLCLibrary * sharedLibrary = nil;
[defaultParams addObject:@"--vout=macosx"]; // Select Mac OS X video output
[defaultParams addObject:@"--text-renderer=quartztext"]; // our CoreText-based renderer
[defaultParams addObject:@"--verbose=-1"]; // Don't polute the stdio log
[defaultParams addObject:@"--syslog"]; // log to syslog
[defaultParams addObject:@"--log-verbose=4"]; // log everything
[defaultParams addObject:@"--no-color"]; // Don't use color in output (Xcode doesn't show it)
[defaultParams addObject:@"--no-media-library"]; // We don't need the media library
[defaultParams addObject:@"--play-and-pause"]; // We want every movie to pause instead of stopping at eof
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