Commit 2179436b authored by Jean-Paul Saman's avatar Jean-Paul Saman
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Put -lX11 and -lXt in the right place.

parent 542d62dd
......@@ -5338,7 +5338,7 @@ then
firefox_include=`pkg-config --variable=includedir firefox-plugin`
if grep '^#define MOZ_X11 1' ${MOZILLA_CONFIG_H} 2>&1 > /dev/null ; then
VLC_ADD_LDFLAGS([mozilla], [-lX11 -lXt ${X_LIBS} ${X_PRE_LIBS}])
VLC_ADD_LDFLAGS([mozilla], [${X_LIBS} ${X_PRE_LIBS} -lX11 -lXt])
VLC_ADD_CPPFLAGS([mozilla],[${firefox_cflags} ${MOZILLA_CPPFLAGS}])
VLC_ADD_LDFLAGS([mozilla],[${firefox_libs} ${MOZILLA_LDFLAGS}])
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