Commit 2051d328 authored by Sigmund Augdal's avatar Sigmund Augdal Committed by Sigmund Augdal
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Fix double free on mkv files with V_QUICKTIME track

parent b37eec6d
......@@ -2344,7 +2344,7 @@ bool matroska_segment_c::Select( mtime_t i_start_time )
stream_t *p_mp4_stream = stream_MemoryNew( VLC_OBJECT(&sys.demuxer),
false );
true );
MP4_ReadBoxCommon( p_mp4_stream, p_box );
MP4_ReadBox_sample_vide( p_mp4_stream, p_box );
tracks[i_track]->fmt.i_codec = p_box->i_type;
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