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Document a bit playlist event variable.

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......@@ -118,9 +118,14 @@ TYPEDEF_ARRAY(playlist_item_t*, playlist_item_array_t);
* The playlist defines the following event variables:
* - "item-change": It will contains the input_item_t->i_id of a changed input
* item monitored by the playlist.
* - "item-deleted": It will contains the playlist_item_t->i_id of a deleted
* playlist_item_t.
* - "item-append": It will contains a pointer to a playlist_add_t.
* - "playlist-current": It will contains a input_item_t->i_id of the current
* item being played.
* XXX Be really carefull, playlist_item_t->i_id and input_item_t->i_id are not
* the same.
* the same. Yes, the situation is pretty bad.
* @{
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