Commit 1ba03e33 authored by littlejohn's avatar littlejohn
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when testing if mozilla is required, use enable_mozilla, not just mozilla

parent 54b0c48d
...@@ -5202,7 +5202,7 @@ then ...@@ -5202,7 +5202,7 @@ then
fi fi
if test "${mozilla}" != "false" if test "${enable_mozilla}" != "false"
then then
build_pic=yes build_pic=yes
AC_PATH_PROG(XPIDL, xpidl, no, ${xpidl_path}:/usr/lib/mozilla:/usr/lib64/mozilla:/usr/lib/xulrunner:/usr/lib64/xulrunner) AC_PATH_PROG(XPIDL, xpidl, no, ${xpidl_path}:/usr/lib/mozilla:/usr/lib64/mozilla:/usr/lib/xulrunner:/usr/lib64/xulrunner)
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