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-Update for libdvdcss documentation
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......@@ -22,6 +22,9 @@ Building libdvdcss
Once configured, run `make' to build libdvdcss.
If you have player keys, you need to put them in the file csskeys.h, before
configuring libdvdcss to enable the "key" method (the one from libcss).
Installing libdvdcss
......@@ -9,11 +9,35 @@ solution. The VideoLAN Client can also be used as a standalone program
to play MPEG2 streams from a hard disk or a DVD.
Building, Installing and Running libdvdcss
Building and Installing libdvdcss
See the INSTALL or INSTALL.libdvdcss file for this.
Running lidvdcss
The behaviourof the library can be affected by changing two environment
DVDCSS_METHOD={title|disc|key}: method for key decryption
title: decrypted title key is guessed from the encrypted sectors of
the stream. Thus it should work with a file as well as the
DVD device. But it sometimes takes much time to decrypt a title
key and may even fail. With this method, the key is only checked
at the beginning of each title, so it won't work if the key
changes in the middle of a title.
This is the default method,
disc: the disc key is first cracked ; then all title keys can be
decrypted instantly, which allows us to check them often,
key: the same as "disc" if you don't have a file with player keys at
compilation time. If you do, the decryption of the disc key
will be faster with this method. It is the one that was used by
DVDCSS_VERBOSE={0|1|2}: libdvdcss verbosity
0: no error messages, no debug messages,
1: only error messages (this is the default)
2: error and debug messages
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