Commit 1b395e65 authored by Steve Lhomme's avatar Steve Lhomme Committed by Thomas Guillem

opengl: fix possible typo

There isn't a case where program[0] is 0 and program[1] is 0. They are always
created together. So the second part of the if() is never called.

program[0] is for YUV and XYZ sources so it is odd to use it with a single
planar texture, given that's what program[1] is for.
Signed-off-by: Thomas Guillem's avatarThomas Guillem <>
parent 050f6b91
......@@ -1689,7 +1689,7 @@ int vout_display_opengl_Display(vout_display_opengl_t *vgl,
if (vgl->program[0] && (vgl->chroma->plane_count == 3 || vgl->chroma->plane_count == 1))
if (vgl->program[0] && (vgl->chroma->plane_count == 3 || vgl->chroma->plane_count == 2))
DrawWithShaders(vgl, left, top, right, bottom, 0);
else if (vgl->program[1] && vgl->chroma->plane_count == 1)
DrawWithShaders(vgl, left, top, right, bottom, 1);
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