Commit 193e6eac authored by jpd's avatar jpd

Qt: delete unneeded MenuItemData

parent dc807170
......@@ -1456,8 +1456,9 @@ void QVLCMenu::CreateAndConnect( QMenu *menu, const char *psz_var,
action->setChecked( checked );
MenuItemData *itemData = new MenuItemData( THEDP->menusMapper, p_obj, i_val_type,
val, psz_var );
MenuItemData *itemData = qFindChild<MenuItemData*>( action, QString() );
delete itemData;
itemData = new MenuItemData( action, p_obj, i_val_type, val, psz_var );
/* remove previous signal-slot connection(s) if any */
action->disconnect( );
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