Commit 1843a615 authored by Sam Hocevar's avatar Sam Hocevar

  * Updated ChangeLog and TODO list.
  * Added TODO to the .spec file.
  * Fixed so that `make snapshot' takes extras/* in account.
parent 693f22ac
vlc changelog:
* Fixed headers for FreeBSD compilation.
* Fixed debian/rules for non-x86 packages (Closes: Debian bug #88583).
* Deleted BBitmap[0] directly after overlay creation as no longer needed
as overlay now owns Bits()
* Fixed MPEG-1 mux_rate parsing.
* Fixed MPEG-1 stuffing.
* Don't create BBitmap drawing thread if using overlays
* Changes to BeOS interface with file selection support
* Fixed a boolean_t/int mix.
* Increased FIFO_SIZE.
* Fixed all alignment issues
* Networked TS input
* Working menus for run-time audio/spu/title/chapter selection with gtk
* Port of the interface menus to gnome plugin.
* Gtk playlist
* Tried to fix the "stream jumps at will" bug.
* Fixed most of the bugs in gnome interface menus
* Added radio checks in menu items.
* Bug fixes and enhancements in the Gtk+/Gnome interfaces.
* Borrowed config.guess and config.sub from SDL [MacOS X port] ;
* Changed files so that the MacOS X port compiles & runs [MacOS X port] ;
* If SDL/GTK/DSP is not available, don't compile the associated module.
* Gtk+ interface: fixed a precision issue in the scale.
* Qt interface: somebody pop up us the menu!!
* Fixed Debian sparc build for real (Closes: Debian bug #89285).
* vlc core compiles under QNX RTOS. Now if anyone feels like tidying
it and writing output and interface plugins...
* Split audio output into several separate files to make it easier
to debug. Removed a few redundancies as well.
* Support for Darwin CoreAudio, courtesy of Colin Delacroix [MacOS X port] ;
* Added warnings for ac3 mantissa (we still have problems with AC3 on
MacOS X) ;
* Renamed WriteResource to avoid a namespace clash with Darwin's
* Compile Darwin module by default on Darwin system. [MacOS X port]
* Use $QTDIR for the qt module ;
* SDL fixes and enhancements by Shane Harper <>
* Header cleaning: filled all empty authors fields, added CVS $Id stuff.
* Fixes to aout_darwin.c by Colin Delacroix <>.
* Fixes to, and main.c (Altivec detection)
by Eugenio Jarosiewicz <>.
* Added a SYNCHRO_START in DVDRead for each cell change to fix
multi-angle streams
* Changed seek function to prevent jump-at-will and to remove two bugs in
sector computing.
* Initialize some values in netlist (payload_discard wasn't which caused
frame dropping)
* Come back of multi-sector read which should make reading faster
* Language & Inteface support for BeOS interface
* XVideo plugin courtesy of Shane Harper <>
* and fixes by Nilmoni Deb <>
* A few syntax fixes in the plain X11 plugin
* Various bug fixes in dvd_netlist. Some bugs seem to remain though.
* New function input_ToggleES for interaction with interface.
* Changes in gnome interface : navigation menus are now splited, there
are radio item in menus and the code should be better.
* First step for dvd_ifo rewritting. Now allocation/disallocation is
being done as it has to be.
* Fixed a bug in title management that make dvd like Seven work.
* vout_beos now uses double buffering for YCbCr overlay.
This (for some reason) improves audio/video sync
* Fixes for the Qt plugin compilation under Debian
* Heavy butchering in the CSS and DVD ioctl code to put all architecture-
dependent code in dvd_ioctl.c
* Added almost fully-functional /dev/dvd driver for MacOS X in
* Fall back to one-packet-once reading in dvd input since multi-block
seems to have a bug that make the vlc crash on title/audio/spu change. I
hope that this bug will be fixed soon for the performance is poorer now
* Add-ons and changes in gnome interface:
o menu subdivision is done only if there are over 20 items,
o in DVD mode next/prev apply to title,
o in DVD mode, added a box with button to navigate through chapters.
* Additional enhancements to the OS X DVD ioctl module
* Big cleaning of the BeOS DVD ioctl code, got rid of all Linuxisms
* Compilation fixes for the BeOS DVD ioctls
* XVideo plugin enhancements by Shane Harper <>
* Added the GNU getopt library, which gets compiled in when getopt_long
isn't available on the desired platform.
* Replaced the `--warning' flag with the standard cumulative `-v' flag.
`-v' is like `--warning 3', and `-vvvv' is like `--warning 0'
(`--warning' is still valid for those used to it)
* Cleaning in and, the Solaris port now
builds and runs properly.
* Code cleanup: removed a few tabulations.
* Fixed inline asm routines to remove all read/write operands.
* Added <string.h> to most files to prevent warnings under FreeBSD.
* Added "break;" after "default:" in case switches to prevent
warnings when compiling with GCC 3.0pre.
* Sync MOSX dev/CVS tree : code support for MacOS X audio, video and
interface (courtesy of Eugenio Jarosiewicz & Colin Delacroix) ;
* Cleaning code and a small fix to make quit work on OSX
* Disable x11 plugin if X11 headers are not found.
......@@ -481,15 +481,16 @@ all: vlc @ALIASES@ plugins
rm -f plugins/*/*.o src/*/*.o lib/*.so extras/*/*.o
rm -f vlc gvlc kvlc qvlc
rm -f plugins/*/*.o plugins/*/*.moc plugins/*/*.bak
rm -f src/*/*.o extras/*/*.o
rm -f lib/*.so vlc gvlc kvlc qvlc
distclean: clean
rm -f **/*.o **/*~ *.log
rm -f Makefile include/defs.h include/config.h
rm -f config.status config.cache config.log
rm -f gmon.out core build-stamp
rm -rf .dep
rm -Rf .dep
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)
......@@ -531,24 +532,31 @@ show:
# ugliest of all, but I have no time to do it -- sam
rm -rf /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@* /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@nocss*
rm -Rf /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@* /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@nocss*
# copy archive in /tmp
find -type d | grep -v CVS | grep -v '\.dep' | while read i ; \
do mkdir -p /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@/$$i ; \
find debian -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type d | \
while read i ; do rm -rf /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@/$$i ; done
while read i ; do rm -Rf /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@/$$i ; done
# .c .h .in .cpp
find include src plugins -type f -name '*.[chi]*' | while read i ; \
do cp $$i /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@/$$i ; \
# extra files
cp -a extras/* /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@/extras
cp -a doc/* /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@/doc
find /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@/extras /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@/doc \
-type d -name CVS | while read i ; \
do rm -Rf $$i ; \
# copy misc files
cp vlc.spec AUTHORS COPYING ChangeLog INSTALL README TODO \ Makefile.dep configure install-sh \
config.sub config.guess \
for file in control control-css vlc.copyright \
changelog changelog-css rules rules-css vlc.1 vlc.dirs \
changelog changelog-css rules rules-css vlc.dirs \ ; do \
cp debian/$$file /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@/debian/ ; done
for file in default8x16.psf default8x9.psf gvlc.png vlc.png \
......@@ -563,7 +571,7 @@ snapshot:
mv /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@.tar.gz /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@.tar.bz2 ..
# clean up
rm -rf /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@*
rm -Rf /tmp/vlc-@VLC_VERSION@*
plugins: $(PLUGINS:%=lib/
......@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ Description: Write TS support
The parser has already been back-ported, but it still lacks the
PSI parser, and currently the functions to read from the network
are yet to be written.
Status: Todo
Status: Done 7 Mar 2001 (henri)
Task: 0x42
Difficulty: Medium
......@@ -295,7 +295,7 @@ Urgency: Normal
Description: ALSA audio output support
ALSA is the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture and is believed to be
technically superior to the usual OSS support found in the Linux kernel.
Status: Done ( henri )
Status: Done (henri)
Task: 0x29
Difficulty: Guru
......@@ -356,7 +356,7 @@ Description: Xv video output support
XFree 4.0 provides the Xv interface which can do hardware YUV on supported
hardware. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much documentation
Status: Todo
Status: Done 1 Apr 2001 (shane)
Task: 0x22
Difficulty: Medium
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ make install prefix=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr
%attr(-, root, root) /usr/bin/vlc
%attr(-, root, root) /usr/share/videolan
%attr(-, root, root) /usr/lib/videolan
%attr(-, root, root) %doc ChangeLog AUTHORS COPYING INSTALL README doc
%attr(-, root, root) %doc ChangeLog AUTHORS COPYING INSTALL README TODO doc
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