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doc/ document libcdio, cddax, cdda, vcd, and vcdx a typo in the CONFIG_ name.
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......@@ -85,8 +85,8 @@ bool 'Matroska demux support' CONFIG_MKV
bool 'Mod demux support' CONFIG_MOD
bool 'CD input and control library (libcdio) support' CONFIG_CDIO
if [ "$CONFIG_CDIO" = "y" ]; then
bool ' audio CD module with CD-Text & CD-Paranoia (via libcdio)' CONFIG_CDAX
bool ' enable audio CDDB lookups (via libcddb)' CONFIG_CDDB
bool ' audio CD module with CD-Text & CD-Paranoia (via libcdio)' CONFIG_CDDAX
bool ' CDDB lookups (via libcddb) for audio CD' CONFIG_CDDB
bool ' VCD module with navigation (via libcdio and libvcdinfo)' CONFIG_VCDX
Gnome Interface
to be written
Skins Interface
Skins module
Enables the skins interface.
BE CAREFUL: under linux, you must have the wxWindows library compiled
with GTK2 support ! (see
with GTK2 support See
CD input and control library (libcdio) support
This library is used in an enhanced audio CD plugin called "cddax"
and a Video CD plugin called "vcdx".
It is also used in the "Probe" button of the "Open Disc" menu to find
an appropriate media for the disc type that has been selected.
audio CD module with CD-Text & CD-Paranoia (via libcdio)
This audio CD plugin can get CD-Text information from an
audio CD. If the library libcddb is available, the plugin can show
CDDB information too. This plugin needs libraries from libcdio.
The information from CD-Text or CDDB can be used in a number of ways.
It is shown in the "Stream and Media Window" and it is shown when
playing a CD information in a playlist. Exactly what information to be
shown can be customized.
This plugin can also make use of CD-paranoia to correct for jittering
of a a CD-ROM drive. Jitter correction which is more CPU intensive but
is often desirable for making ripping more acurate.
VCD module with navigation (via libcdio and libvcdinfo)
This Video CD plugin uses understands VCD information to a great level
of detail. Much more so than the built-in VCD plugin. As as result, it
can perform playback control and show still menus and motion MPEGs in
the first ISO-9660 track.
Alas, the full potential of this plugin hasn't been realized, even
though a great bit of the code is shared between this and the xine
VCD plugin. In particular, menu selection and keyboard input is not
available, and switching between different formats of MPEGs causes
new windows to pop up. If you want more complete VCD playback, at
present the xine VCD plugin is more complete. Volunteers in
finishing this plugin are always welcome.
This plugin needs libraries from libcdio, and a library from the
vcdimager package called libvcdinfo.
Information on vcdimager is at
CDDB lookups (via libcddb) for audio CD
This library is used in an enhanced audio CD plugin called "cddax" to
allow it to look up audio CD information. CD database information
resides on the Internet but since the same information appears
frequently, the information is often saved (or "cached") locally.
built-in VCD and audio CD support
Built-in in support for Video CD (VCD) and audio CD (CD-DA) exists.
Support is pretty basic, but it doesn't require the use of external
libraries libcdio and libvcdinfo. If you need more advanced support
see the cddax and vcdx plugins.
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