Commit 0faa838c authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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Qt4: clarify PNAP dialog (fixes #8100)

Also remove #ifdef from translated string since gettext can obviously
not deal with that.
parent 13e4fe92
......@@ -69,17 +69,19 @@ void FirstRun::buildPrivDialog()
QGroupBox *blabla = new QGroupBox( qtr( "Privacy and Network Access Policy" ) );
QGridLayout *blablaLayout = new QGridLayout( blabla );
QLabel *text = new QLabel( qtr(
"<p><i>VLC media player</i> does <b>not</b> send or collect any "
"information, even anonymously, about your usage.</p>\n"
"<p>However, it can connect to the Internet "
"in order to display <b>medias information</b> "
"or to check for available <b>updates</b>"
"<p><i>VideoLAN</i> (the authors) requires you to express your consent "
"before allowing this software to access the Internet.</p>\n"
"<p>According to your choices, please check or uncheck the following options:</p>\n"
"<p>In order to protect your privacy, the <i>VLC media player</i> "
"does <b>not</b> collect personal informations or transmit them, "
"not even in anonymized form, to anyone."
"<p>Nevertheless, <i>VLC</i> is able to automatically retrieve "
"informations about the media in your playlist from third party "
"Internet-based services. These informations include covert arts, "
"track names, authoring and other meta-data."
"That may entail identifying some of your media files to third party "
"entities. Therefore the <i>VLC</i> developers require your express "
"consent for the media player to access the Internet automatically."
) );
text->setWordWrap( true );
text->setTextFormat( Qt::RichText );
......@@ -93,22 +95,21 @@ void FirstRun::buildPrivDialog()
gLayout->addWidget( options, 1, 0, 1, 3 );
int line = 0;
checkbox = new QCheckBox( qtr( "Allow downloading media information" ) );
checkbox = new QCheckBox( qtr( "Automatically retrieve media infos" ) );
checkbox->setChecked( true );
optionsLayout->addWidget( checkbox, line++, 0 );
checkbox2 = new QCheckBox( qtr( "Allow checking for VLC updates" ) );
checkbox2 = new QCheckBox( qtr( "Regularly check for VLC updates" ) );
checkbox2->setChecked( true );
optionsLayout->addWidget( checkbox2, line++, 0 );
QDialogButtonBox *buttonsBox = new QDialogButtonBox( this );
buttonsBox->addButton( qtr( "Save and Continue" ), QDialogButtonBox::AcceptRole );
buttonsBox->addButton( qtr( "Continue" ), QDialogButtonBox::AcceptRole );
gLayout->addWidget( buttonsBox, 2, 0, 2, 3 );
CONNECT( buttonsBox, accepted(), this, save() );
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