Commit 0ea1f979 authored by Prince Gupta's avatar Prince Gupta Committed by Pierre Lamot

qml: show play cover on MusicTrackList cover images

parent c3b987f8
......@@ -54,6 +54,8 @@ Widgets.KeyNavigableTableView {
property Component titleDelegate: RowLayout {
property var rowModel: parent.rowModel
property var model: parent.colModel
readonly property bool containsMouse: parent.containsMouse
readonly property bool currentlyFocused: parent.currentlyFocused
anchors.fill: parent
spacing: VLCStyle.margin_normal
......@@ -64,6 +66,14 @@ Widgets.KeyNavigableTableView {
Layout.preferredHeight: VLCStyle.heightAlbumCover_xsmall
Layout.preferredWidth: VLCStyle.heightAlbumCover_xsmall
Widgets.PlayCover {
anchors.fill: parent
iconSize: VLCStyle.play_cover_small
visible: currentlyFocused || containsMouse
onIconClicked: medialib.addAndPlay( )
Widgets.ListLabel {
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