Commit 0df216d3 authored by Laurent Aimar's avatar Laurent Aimar

Added float 32/64 (non native) support to aout_BitsPerSample.

parent 4417c123
......@@ -220,11 +220,13 @@ unsigned int aout_BitsPerSample( vlc_fourcc_t i_format )
case VLC_CODEC_S32L:
case VLC_CODEC_S32B:
case VLC_CODEC_FL32:
case VLC_CODEC_F32L:
case VLC_CODEC_F32B:
case VLC_CODEC_FI32:
return 32;
case VLC_CODEC_FL64:
case VLC_CODEC_F64L:
case VLC_CODEC_F64B:
return 64;
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