Commit 0bf39ed3 authored by yoann's avatar yoann

* src/playlist/loadsave.c: create directory before saving Media Library

parent 7815fcbd
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
#include <vlc/vlc.h>
#include <vlc_playlist.h>
#include "playlist_internal.h"
#include "misc/configuration.h"
#include <vlc_charset.h>
#include <errno.h>
......@@ -118,14 +119,22 @@ int playlist_MLLoad( playlist_t *p_playlist )
int playlist_MLDump( playlist_t *p_playlist )
char *psz_uri, *psz_homedir =p_playlist->p_libvlc->psz_homedir;
char *psz_uri, *psz_homedir = p_playlist->p_libvlc->psz_homedir;
if( !config_GetInt( p_playlist, "media-library") ) return VLC_SUCCESS;
if( !psz_homedir )
msg_Err( p_playlist, "no home directory, cannot load media library") ;
msg_Err( p_playlist, "no home directory, cannot save media library") ;
asprintf( &psz_uri, "%s" DIR_SEP CONFIG_DIR DIR_SEP
char psz_dirname[ strlen( psz_homedir ) + sizeof( DIR_SEP CONFIG_DIR ) ];
sprintf( psz_dirname, "%s" DIR_SEP CONFIG_DIR, psz_homedir );
if( config_CreateDir( (vlc_object_t *)p_playlist, psz_dirname ) )
asprintf( &psz_uri, "%s" DIR_SEP "%s", psz_dirname,
"ml.xsp", psz_homedir );
stats_TimerStart( p_playlist, "ML Dump", STATS_TIMER_ML_DUMP );
playlist_Export( p_playlist, psz_uri, p_playlist->p_ml_category,
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