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Fortunes, smoking in the morning and JS

parent 845454bb
......@@ -929,4 +929,25 @@ VLC development is NOT about being a sed god.
< TypX> I'd say the man who is still playing starcraft 1 is still a virgin
-- #videolan
< sam> is there still a way to force the video decoder used by VLC? --codec no longer exists
< mru> there's always butterflies
< j-b> sam: --codec avcodec,none still works and exists
< linkfanel> maybe sam is one branch ahead of us
< j-b> very likely
< xxcv> vlc-1.3 ?
< ILEoo> vlc 2.0
< ILEoo> like web 2.0
< mru> someone is rewriting vlc in javascript?
< sam> duh!
< sam> j-b: you're right, I don't know what I smoked
< mru> must've been good though, care to share it?
< ILEoo> sam: hope you didn't smoke it all allready?
< j-b> sam: I hope you could tell me what you smoked
< sam> as a matter of fact, I know exactly what I smoked
< sam> but it's not that good
< linkfanel> you remember? i guess you didn't smoke enough of it
< ILEoo> you smoked some capacitors from your motherboard? they're full of vitamins
-- #videolan, one _morning_
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