Commit 0a778174 authored by Ilkka Ollakka's avatar Ilkka Ollakka
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set stream aspect-ratio to video aspect-ratio, as ffmpeg checks that

from r15367 onward and refuses to mux without them matching.

Should fix flv-muxing.
parent dd046c24
......@@ -252,6 +252,8 @@ static int AddStream( sout_mux_t *p_mux, sout_input_t *p_input )
i_aspect_num * (int64_t)codec->height,
i_aspect_den * (int64_t)codec->width, 1 << 30 );
stream->sample_aspect_ratio.num = codec->sample_aspect_ratio.num;
stream->sample_aspect_ratio.den = codec->sample_aspect_ratio.den;
codec->time_base.den = p_input->p_fmt->video.i_frame_rate;
codec->time_base.num = p_input->p_fmt->video.i_frame_rate_base;
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