Commit 08c14020 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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Maemo contribs: replace id3tag with taglib, add dirac, fluidsynth

parent 10ee5e0f
# Maemo 5
all: \
.mad .mpcdec .lame .mpeg2 \
.id3tag \
.tag .libass \
.ogg .tremor .vorbisenc .flac .speex .theora .kate .tiger \
.twolame .x264 \
.ebml .matroska .ffmpeg .mod \
.twolame .dirac .x264 \
.ebml .matroska .ffmpeg .mod .fluid \
.live .dvbpsi .zvbi \
.lua .xcb .xcb-util
#.faad -> way slower than libavcodec
#.gpg-error .gcrypt .gnutls -> OpenSSL
#.dvdcss .dvdnav -> no DVD
#.dirac -> broken
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