Commit 06e3b333 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

barrier(): issues a full memory barrier

parent 4d654a48
......@@ -559,6 +559,22 @@ static inline int vlc_spin_init (vlc_spinlock_t *spin)
# define vlc_spin_destroy vlc_mutex_destroy
* Issues a full memory barrier.
static inline void barrier (void)
#if defined (__GNUC__) /* FIXME: || defined (ICC_whatever) */
__sync_synchronize ();
#elif defined (LIBVLC_USE_PTHREAD)
static pthread_mutex_t lock = PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER;
pthread_mutex_lock (&lock);
pthread_mutex_unlock (&lock);
# error barrier not implemented!
* vlc_thread_create: create a thread
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