Commit 054dedf3 authored by François Cartegnie's avatar François Cartegnie 🤞

demux: adaptive: reject UNKNOWN_ES

As ES id is stripped and there's no real fmt
properties there's no way to recycle that ES.
parent f7fb0d84
......@@ -278,6 +278,10 @@ void FakeESOut::recycle( FakeESOutID *id )
es_out_id_t * FakeESOut::esOutAdd_Callback(es_out_t *fakees, const es_format_t *p_fmt)
FakeESOut *me = (FakeESOut *) fakees->p_sys;
if( p_fmt->i_cat != VIDEO_ES && p_fmt->i_cat != AUDIO_ES && p_fmt->i_cat != SPU_ES )
return NULL;
/* Feed the slave demux/stream_Demux with FakeESOutID struct,
* we'll create real ES later on main demux on execution */
FakeESOutID *es_id = me->createNewID( p_fmt );
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