Commit 03fc820b authored by Gildas Bazin's avatar Gildas Bazin

* fixed my previous commit.
* NEWS: added an entry about fixes in the dvd menu support.
parent ec22d731
$Id: NEWS,v 1.30 2003/03/06 23:52:31 sigmunau Exp $
$Id: NEWS,v 1.31 2003/03/09 19:44:16 gbazin Exp $
Changes between 0.5.1a and 0.5.2:
......@@ -15,6 +15,9 @@ Codecs:
* new but basic MPEG video decoder based on libmpeg2.
* fixed a major bug in LPCM code ( fixes a problem with iDVD disks )
DVD support:
* fixed quite a few problems with the dvd menu support.
UNIX ports:
* fixed the GNU-pth support.
......@@ -818,7 +818,7 @@ PLUGINS="${PLUGINS} sap httpd"
dnl Some plugins aren't useful on some platforms
if test "x${SYS}" != "xmingw32"
if test "x${SYS}" != "xmingw32"; then
PLUGINS="${PLUGINS} screensaver"
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