Commit 02199f33 authored by Marian Durkovic's avatar Marian Durkovic

Cosmetics: Warn the user about lack of IGMPv3 support in his OS

parent ecd7382d
......@@ -276,13 +276,15 @@ static int OpenUDP( vlc_object_t * p_this )
if( psz_if_addr != NULL )
free( psz_if_addr );
msg_Dbg( p_this, "IP_ADD_SOURCE_MEMBERSHIP multicast request" );
/* Join Multicast group with source filter */
if( setsockopt( i_handle, IPPROTO_IP, IP_ADD_SOURCE_MEMBERSHIP,
sizeof(struct ip_mreq_source) ) == -1 )
msg_Warn( p_this, "Source specific multicast failed (%s) -"
"falling back to non-specific mode",
"check if your OS really supports IGMPv3",
strerror(errno) );
goto igmpv2;
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